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Nature, June 12, 1902





NOVEMBER igor to APRIL 1902

“To the solid ground Of Nature trusts the mind which builds for aye.’—WoRDSWORTH



rie it

[ F Nature, June 12, 1902


Nature, ] June 12, 1902


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Abel (Dr. O.), Curiously Marked Pebbles from the Algerian

_ Sahara, 594

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Accumulators for Electric Automobiles, Progress in the Design |

of, Sir H. P. Maxim, 572

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Achariach, New Meteorological Station at, 85

** Acker” Fusion Process for the Electrolytic Production or Caustic Alkaliand Chlorine at Niagara Falls, 324

Acheson Graphite Company (Niagara Falls), Electrodes Manu- factured by the, 420

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national Balloon Ascents, December 5, 302; International | Balloon Ascents on January 9, 421; Herr Kress’s Machine, |

87; Aérial Navigation by Bodies Heavier than Air, William Marriott and Eric Stuart Bruce, 167 ; Aéronautical Society, 167; Kites and Wireless Telegraphy, Dr. A. Lawrence

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224; the Determination of the exact Trajectory of Aérostats with Respect to the Soil, H. Deslandres, 383; the Wreck of Santos Dumont No. 6, Dr. J. Y. Buchanan, F.R.S., 397 ; Novel Form of Flying Machine, Henri Villard, 518; Aéronautical Experiments with Gliding Machines, Wilbur Wright, 541

Aéroplane Machine, Herr Kress’s, 87

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Africa: the Sierra Leone Campaign against Mosquitoes, Major

Ronald Ross, 35; Mr. Jonathan Hutchinson’s Expedition to Study Leprosy in South Africa, 109; Primary Cause of Leprosy, J. Hutchinson, F.R.S., 4963; on the Earwigs,

Cockroaches, Mantids and Stick-Insects Collected by Dr. Donaldson Smith in North-East Africa, J. A. G. Rehn, 180 ; the Extinct Blaauwbok of South Africa, G. Renshaw, 207 ; Mosasaurus, &c., Bones from Natal Coast Cretaceous, 229; the Birds of South Africa, A. C. Stark, completed by W. L. Sclater, 244; Peculiar Case of Fever with Parasite resembling that of Tsetse Fly Disease, Dr. J. Everett Dutton, 255; to the Mountains of the Moon, J. E. S. Moore, 273; Marine Organism from South Africa, 287; Death and Obituary Notice of Dr. Emil Holub, 396; the Native Question in South Africa, 440; the Obstacles to Develop- ment in West Africa, Dr. C. F. Harford-Battersby, 371 ; Note on the Discovery of a New Trypanosoma, Lieut.- Colonel D. Bruce, F.R.S., 454; Composition of an Antique Vase, M. Berthelot, 455; Petrology of British East Africa, G. T. Prior, 549; Prehistoric Graves and Remains at Girga, Egypt, to be Investigated by Dr. Elliott Smith, 571; Curiously Marked Pebbles from the Algerian Sahara, Dr. O. Abel, 594

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Algol, the Period of, 15

Algol Stars, Early Observations of, 325

Alia or Double Canoe, Polynesians’, Prof. Thilenius, 256

vi Index

f Nature, _ June 12, 1902

Allchin (W. H., F.R.S.), a Manual of Medicine, 99 Allen (H. S.), the Red (C) Line of Hydrogen and the Zeeman Effect, 79; the Photography of Disturbances in Air, 574

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Alloys of Copper and Tin, Microscopical Examination of, W. Campbell, 354

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Micro-crystalline Structure of

Regions, Expedition of 1898-1900, Louis Bernacchi, 153 > Purchase of the Hec/a for William Bruce’s forthcomin: Expedition, 178; Departure of the Antarctic with Prof. Nordenskjold’s Expedition from Buenos Ayres, 178 ; Scottish: Antarctic Expedition, 207 ; Scientific Work of the German Antarctic Expedition, Prof. Dr. Drygalski, 378 Anthropology : North Queensland Ethnography, Dr. Walter E. Roth, 9; the Nayars of Malabar, F. Fawcett, 37; the Play of Man, Karl Groos, 78; Anthropological Institute, 119; Brain of an Eskimo Man, Dr. A. Hrdlicka, 256; Fir Worship in Arizona, Dr. J. Walter Fewkes, 256; the Sco of Criminal Anthropology, 279; Rock-holes used by Aborigines for Warming Water, R. H. Mathews, 3365 Textile Markings on Primitive Pottery, W. H. Holmes, 350 ; Folk-lore of the North American Indians from the Jesuit Relations (1611 to 1637), J. E. King, 406; Funeral Rites of the North American Indians, J. E. King, 527 ; Tattooing of Women in the Laughlan Islands, Prof. G. Thilenius, 445 ; Fire-making of the Yanadis, T. R. Rao, 473; the Mystic Rose: a Study of Primitive Marriage, Ernest Crawley, E. Sidney Hartland, 553; Prehistoric Graves and Remains at Girga, Egypt, to be investigated by Dr. Elliot Smith, 571 = Head-hunters, Black, White, and Brown, Alfred C. Haddon, F.R.S., E. Sidney Hartland, Supp. April 24 1902, iii. Anthropometry : on the Relation between Intélligence and the Size and Shape of the Head, Paper Read before the Roya? Society by Prof. Pearson, 543 Antigua Botanic Station, Summary of the Work at, for the Year ending March 31, 1901, W. N. Sands, 208 Antimony, Action of Lithium-ammonium on, and on the Properties of the Antimonide of Lithium, P. Lebeau, 359 Antlers, Evolution of Horns and, Dr. H. Gadow, F.R.S., 549 Apes: Physiology of Motor Area in Anthropoid Apes, A. S. F. Grunbaum and Prof. C. S. Sherrington, F.R.S., 65; Physiology of the Cerebral Cortex of Higher Apes, A. S. F. Grunbaum and Prof. C. S. Sherrington, F.R.S., 165 Aquarium, Exhibition of Electrical Appliances at the Royal,


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“* Armorl” Electric Capillary Relay, the, 129

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British Fire Prevention

Weights of Neon,

127 : ; : Arnaud (M.), Composition of the Amidotaurie Acids, 604

Nature, Index vii

June 12, 1992

Arrhenius’ (Prof.) Theory of Cometary Tails and Aurore, on, Dr. J. Halm, 415

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